Meet Wadiana from the soccer team


Wadiana is a 16-year-old soccer player who joined Haiti Projects’ girls’ soccer club when she was only 10 years old. She has always loved soccer and would play on her own. When she learned of the girls’ soccer club and watched them play, she felt inspired to join the team to learn more. Once she joined the team, she was taught how to properly play soccer, and the importance of teamwork. She continues to develop her soccer skills. 

“What I loved more about joining the program was that I could finally showcase my talent and abilities, so I became more famous in town.” she said. In addition, Wadiana was happy to be able to socialize and bond with her teammates. She discovered new places when they go to activities by the beach or play in other towns. “Playing soccer helps me stay active and develop my brain while keeping up with my work at school.” she mentioned. As much as Diana enjoys playing soccer, she pointed out that she sometimes has to skip practice because of the lack of equipment, like soccer cleats. However, she is determined to keep playing soccer and be able to improve her family’s living situation.