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WELAZANARD PICARD, Library Assistant

Welaznard is originally from Leogane. She completed her classical studies in  Louis Joseph Janvier national school in Leogane. After her studies, she took several computer literacy classes and now works as a library Assistant. She is very proud to be an HP employee.

YVENA BUISSERETH, Library Assistant

Yvena Buissereth  is originally from Fond des Blancs. She has been working with Haiti Projects since since September 2003. She likes working with the kids and going into different villages of Fond des Blancs. Her favorite job is sharing her knowledge with others.

FABIEN MISON, Cyber Cafe Assistant

Fabien Mison has been working as HP’s computer lab assistant since May 2018. He grew up in Fond des Blancs and went to Saint Francois Xavier school to complete his classical studies. He loves helping the youth navigate the internet. 

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