My name is Mathilde. I am 42 years old and a mother of three children.
When I wanted to start family planning again after my third child, I wasn’t sure where to start or who to go to. After hearing about the clinic in my neighborhood, I decided to check it out and inquire more about the program with Haiti Projects. They explained all the options to me, and I really appreciated how helpful and insightful they were. Having limited resources, family planning is hard to prioritize but Haiti Projects allowed me to be able to choose which option works best for me for free which allows me to be in charge of my future.
I tried one type – the depo provera shot, but I had a lot of side effects. Therefore, I switched to the birth control pills, which works well for me and I am currently using this type.
We need access to family planning in our community because contraception is a great way to take control of our lives, choose the number of children we can afford to have, and provide our children with a better quality of life.
We’re so grateful to Haiti Projects for this clinic. The program is of great assistance to the women in our community.