Taryn Silver Lorthe – Executive Director

Taryn started as Haiti Projects’ Executive Director in June 2022. She holds a Masters in Public Health from Boston University’s School of Public Health. Taryn has strong community-based public health program and leadership experience and connections to the Fond des Blancs community. She started her public health career working in Haiti and served in leadership and advisory positions with several non-profit programs focused on maternal and child health.  


Fenol Jacquotin – Country Director

Fenol is originally from Fond des Blancs. After his classical studies, he joined Haiti Projects in September 2012 as Administrative Assistant. He graduated with a management degree from CREFIMA University in Port au Prince. He is passionate about leadership development and leading the youth of Fond des Blancs to find their greatest potential.

Annette Berrette – Clinic Director and Nurse Midwife

Annette is a Haitian nurse-midwife who has worked with Haiti Projects for five years. She has provided many health and hygiene workshops to women and girls in the Fond des Blancs region. She also tracks patient data, surveys patients, and travels to more than 22 Haiti Projects’ mobile outreach posts throughout the year to meet with clients.