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Sachets from Haiti Projects


At a weekly meeting, the cooperative director, managers and assistants get together to go over the latest orders and discuss new designs.

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Each item is hand embroidered with nothing but needle, thread and the talent of the women artisans. The women get paid per piece, depending on the complexity of the embroidery design.


Quality Control

After a product is completed by an artisan, it goes through several quality control check points to make sure the work is up to standard.

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All of the products are hand-washed onsite in Fond des Blancs.



​Each product is hand ironed before it is sent for packaging and shipping and a final quality check.

To support our artisanat, please visit SHOP MAISON D’HAITI or visit our DONATE PAGE.
Your purchase and donation helps to keep nearly 100 women of our community employed at Fair Trade wages.  The income these women bring in is critical as they are, in many cases, the sole caregivers for their children and a source of strength for their community.