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The Haiti Projects Artisanat Cooperative was founded in 1994 when founder Sarah Hackett, impressed by the embroidery skills of the local women found that they lacked the simplest of supplies to hone their skills. By providing these women needles and thread, Sarah realized that she could provide not only tools for embroidery but also the means to make a living in an area where employment is scarce.

20+ years later the Artisanat Cooperative employs nearly 100 women at Fair Trade wages. We make heirloom quality, handcrafted embroidered and knit products. We produce items under our brand, Maison d’Haiti, and are available for private label work. Our products are sold online, at retailers, and events in the United States & Haiti. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these items goes directly toward supporting the Haiti Projects artisans, providing them with life-changing income.

Artisanat stamping
Artisanat Needlework

To support Haiti Projects and the artisans cooperative, please visit SHOP MAISON D’HAITI or visit our DONATE PAGE. Your purchases and donations help to keep nearly 100 women of our community employed at Fair Trade wages, support our beekeeping and soccer programs, boost self-confidence and help women to become leaders of their community.  The income these women bring in is critical as they are, in many cases, the sole caregivers for their children and a source of strength for their community.