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Nicole Pierre - 20 years old - Captain
I like to play soccer, because it a fun game. It helps me to be healthy. When I am running around my health is good and I don't get sick often. I have had some experiences playing soccer in school and Port au Prince. I play defense. Now, I feel I have more encouragement and more strength to continue to play soccer because I found a club to play, and that’s why I ask God to always to give the soccer club’s leaders opportunity, and protect all the girls in the club. We can progress. I would like that we can play with clubs from other countries, and we will have more experience. I love soccer!
Rachel Polica - 17 years old - Goalie
Soccer is my favorite sport and the only one that I like. I play it and I watch it, but I don’t have enough opportunity for that. I give it all my time anyways because I love it so much, and it opens my mind and I am able to concentrate and learn better. Exercising prevents me from getting sick very often, and for all that I love soccer so so much.
Guerlande Clermanceau - 17 years old
I started to play soccer when I was 7 years old and I love it so much, it makes me feel proud. Sometimes when I’m playing some people want to discourage me, but that never works. I’m in the club, I’m proud of myself and I am smart. I want the club to go far and I would like to visit some other towns in Haiti. The important thing for me is I love soccer for life I love it, I love it, I love it, and I want us to be a good team.


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