About Girls Soccer

Alisere Marie France

My name is Alisere Marie France and I joined HP soccer team two years ago. I primarily play soccer for my health. One of my favorite things to do is shoot the ball. It’s so important for girls to play soccer so they can be in good health!

Dieuvena Meser

Hi, I’m Dieuvena Meser and I’m 13. I joined this team a year ago. I play soccer because I like it and I like that I meet with the other girls to play. We’re good friends now!

Sophonie Lelièvre

My name is Sophonie Lelièvre and I’m 15. I play soccer to become a great player. It’s very important for girls to play soccer because it’s good for their health and by playing, it shows that we are just as good as the boys!  I would like the other girls to become great players too.

Scendia Lelièvre

I’m Scendia Lelièvre and I’m 11. I recently joined this team two months ago so I’m really new. Everyone here is so nice and loves playing soccer just like me. My favorite thing to do is to shoot the ball. 

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Your donation to support girls’ soccer in Fond des Blancs, Haiti helps to empower these young women and instill self-confidence so they may become leaders in their community.