My name is Michele. I am 46 years old and married with 3 children. My kids are 18, 15, and 13, and all of them are in school. I have been working at Haiti Projects’ Artisanat Cooperative since 1996. Before working with Haiti Projects, I was a school teacher. When I first started with Haiti Projects’, I was an assistant, but now I am the Operations Manager of the Artisanat. I am the one who distributes the work to the artisans. 

What I love about the Artisanat is that it creates work for a lot of women in Fond des Blancs. There are still a lot of women in the community without work, and life is really hard these days. With my income, I am able to invest it into my own small business to create more money for my family. I would love for us to have even more work so that we can make more money and employ even more women.