Meet Michelle from the Haiti Projects Artisanat

Photo of Michelle working in the artisanat tying sachet sets together
Michelle tying sachet sets together at the artisanat

Michelle has been working in Haiti Projects’ Artisanat since 1996. When she first started her income helped her to pay to go back to school and to help her parents financially. Today, Michelle is a mother of three young children. She works hard to ensure that her children have access to educational opportunities that she did not have as a young child. 

Michelle loves the work environment at the artisanat. 

“It is a place I look forward to going to each day to work alongside the other women in my community. The artisanat is a place where I can escape the daily stress of life and keep my mind busy,” says Michelle.

Some of our artisans, like Michelle, are piece workers, meaning they make money based on the number of products we sell. The more work that Michelle and the women have the more money they are able to make. 

You can support Michelle and the other artisans by purchasing a handmade product from Haiti Projects’ Maison d’Haiti.