New Chair of Haiti Projects Board of Directors

Frantz volunteering at the Haiti Projects' Library in Fond des Blancs
Frantz at a celebration for Haiti Projects and Patrick's Kids Foundation ceremony for students in Fond des Blancs

 As of August 2022 Pierre Valette has stepped down as Chair of Haiti Projects’ Board of Directors, a position he has held for the past five years. Pierre remains an active member of the Board of Directors and an integral part of the Haiti Projects team. 

Frantz Jacques has been elected Chair of the Haiti Projects Board of Directors. Originally from Fond des Blancs, Haiti, Frantz is now a corporate attorney in Washington DC. 

“I am deeply honored, grateful, and humbled that my colleagues on the board have elected me to serve as the new Chair of the board of Haiti Projects. My predecessor, Pierre Valette, has left some enormous shoes to fill—fortunately, we have an immensely talented board and Executive Director to help guide Haiti Projects to achieve its mission of empowering women and their families in the community we serve.  

As a native of Fond-des-Blancs, I am keenly aware of the many challenges in the community; however, I am equally aware of the resiliency, ingenuity, talent, and the desire for a brighter future of the people of Fond-des-Blancs. I am looking forward to working with our partners and staff for Haiti Projects to serve as a force multiplier for equitable and sustainable socio-economic development, to help Fond-des-Blancs become a beacon of hope in Haiti, worthy to emulate. As the Haitian proverb goes, ‘men anpil, chay pa lou’ (many hands make the load lighter).”

Frantz’s law practice area focuses on mergers and acquisitions, fintech law, ESG, corporate governance, securities regulation, and cross-border transactions. He is the Chair of the DC Bar CFSL Community, Committee on FinTech Regulation & Enforcement; and the Vice-Chair of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion in Business and Finance. Frantz served as team coordinator of a consortium of Georgetown University Law Center Trade Law Clinic and Trapca members providing technical assistance to the African Union for the drafting and negotiation of the Continental Free Trade Area Dispute Settlement Chapter.