Newsletter – Spring 2019



Speaking of loving the workmanship of our products, recently we received an order of 60 mini sachets. Stunned, we asked our customer why she purchased so many sachets and the response was something we just had to share…

I purchased a couple of nightgowns…and I found that they would make lovely Christmas presents for my Mother and Mother-in-law, and more so because it helped fund a worthy cause… I live in Trinidad, in the Caribbean. The Haitians are my neighbours and I do what I can to help them.

I am a Mother with three adult children. As the children became independent I had some extra time. A few years ago, I started doing what I loved as a teenager; writing to penpals across the globe.

I now connect to over fifty beautiful women, each with her own little story: some good, some not so good. But as women we all carry burdens. I love to include small, lightweight, affordable gifts with each of my letters. It’s just a little surprise to put a smile on their faces. Everybody loves surprises and I thought a single sachet would be an adorable addition to a letterbox. Your sachets will be going to most countries in Europe from England, Wales, Scandinavia to Austria, Germany and Russia; Australia, New Zealand; Canada and across the USA.

In gratitude and light,




We’ve produced up to 14,000 pads since January 2019. While we’ve slowed down on pad production to focus on the Santa Fe Fair production, the women in the community have become increasingly interested in buying our pads. This past month, three of our artisanat women braved the heat and visited four towns on market days to sell packs of 6 pads. And, get this, we sold over 600 packs of pads to women and men.

We’ve also had many women stop by the artisanat workshop asking to purchase packs of pads directly from us. Some say they plan to resell them, while others just purchase for their own use. We are also planning to hold a giveaway where we will distribute pads to women that attend our adult literacy classes as well as women who visit the clinic often for family planning. Fostering the health and hygiene of women, one pad at a time….



We’re revamping our website in order to better connect you to our exquisite handmade artisan pieces. Our new Maison d’Haiti product line is completely redesigned for elegance, comfort using only the best, softest materials in new colors. Our creative NYC designers have really worked their magic on these! Oh, and don’t forget daughter, moms, and grammas, too! We are fully stocked in Garland Nightgowns, a perennial favorite, and now in 8 different colors! A wonderful gift for any woman in your life. And, we have a few matching dresses for the little girls!