Meet Amona from the Beekeeping Program

Amona with her hives in Fond des Blancs

“My name is Amona. I am a mother of three and I’ve been part of Haiti Projects’ Beekeeping program for five years now. I have no words to explain how grateful I am for the program and how helpful it has been to me and my family. I am a merchant and a literacy teacher. I started in Haiti Projects beekeeping program in 2018. It is a program that I like a lot because it is profitable and very economical even though many times drought causes a lot of losses. Humans have to breed bees to help the environment, and I play that role since the situation demands it. 

The honey my bees produce I will sell in the market and the money I make from it goes into a mutual fund so that when there is more money we can purchase new equipment and update the space. We sell the honey in many areas of Fond des Blancs. Our honey is marketed in the area as “la reine douceur” or “the sweet queen.” This helps when we sell it in other areas outside of Fond des Blancs.

When the program had just started, we received training and the materials necessary to work on the beehives. We would be grateful to have up to date training sessions to grow our abilities and new materials to increase our revenue, as the cost of living has been exponentially growing. Nevertheless, I’m very thankful for the program who thought of us, and I hope they can realize what they have in their heart for us.”