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Manite Rafael

I’d like to introduce Manite Rafael. She’s 40 years old and she has 6 children. Here is her story.

Manite only attended 2nd grade. She could not attend school because her parents could not afford to send her. She grew up helping in the house, cooking and helping to get drinking water. Manite seized the opportunity to come to Haiti Projects’ literacy program.

​She is happy because she is learning how to write. With a smile in her face she said. “NOW I can write my name.” She walks 2 hours to the library.


​Venise Jean Louis

Meet Venise Jean Louis.  Venise is 44 years old and the mother of 4 children, 3 boys and a girl. Here is her story.

When Venise was 10 years old her mom died and life with her father was difficult.  Her dad never sent her to school because he did not see school was important.  Since she’s been attending the adult education program she is meeting many women like her. 

She is very inspired and happy she is learning how to write her name and learning basic math.  Asked if she sends her children to school and without hesitation she said “oh!  Yes!  Oh!  Yes! They are all going to school.”

Jean Paul

Jean-Paul Pierre

Let us meet Jean-Paul Pierre. Jean Paul is not sure how old he is but he said he thinks he is 30 years old. But here is his story as he told me.

​He doesn’t have any children. He has been coming to the Haiti Projects’ adult literacy program in the library for almost 2 years and very happy to have this opportunity. His mother was blind and a priest took the family in to help his mother but unfortunately the priest never sent him to school.

​Now he is trying to learn as much as he can. He loves to play the drum.


Farina Abraham

Meet a very nice and shy young girl by the name of Farina Abraham. Farina is 13 years old and just joined in the Robotic program. She loves to come to the library to read and participate regularly each Saturday in Club Lakay a program in the library where children have a space to watch a movie, do art work, sing and be a kid. She loves to come to the Robotic program each Tuesday and Wednesday to manipulate the robot. She cannot wait to participate in the robotic competition at the end of the year.


Kiara Pierre

Meet Kiara Pierre. Kiara is 15 years old and a leader among the children in the robotic program. She would not hesitate to come to the office to tell us that X and X do not want to cooperate during the robotic activities. She said, “Mr. I don’t like kids who have no discipline”. She is a very serious young girl. Kiara is fascinated with the robots and the missions that they have to perform.


​Casandi Bien-Aime

Meet Casandi Bien-Aime. Casandi is 21 years old and an avid reader who comes to the library every day. He likes to be called “Socrates”. Jokingly some people say Casandi never leaves the library. He is also a member of the Young Reeds of Fond des Blancs library club. His dream is to become a lawyer.


Wilken Lafrance

Here is Wilken Lafrance. Wilken is 18 years old and an avid reader and he is the President of the Literary Club. He is a very serious young man who rarely smiles. I had to plead with him to get a smile from him. Wilken is a leader among his peers. He loves to come to the library every day to read and participate in the after school program.


​Marcilene Bernadel

I would like to introduce you to this young girl. Marcilene Bernadel is 9 years old and she comes almost every day to the library to do her homework. When she needs help she never hesitates to ask. Marcilene would like to become a nurse. She also attends Club Lakay every Saturday morning to be with other kids.

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