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Sachets - Mini Set of 3

New Designs and Colors!!

These mini sachets are hand embroidered and filled with open-bud lavender.

They are exquisite showcasing the variety of embroidery stitches that the women can do, including the passé plat technique (a flat stitch) for which the region is known.

Also, the smell of these lavender sachets is heavenly.

Our customers use these in their dresser drawers, their cars and as a special surprise when wrapping gifts for holidays, especially christmas. Each one is 2.5" square.  

Sold in sets of 3 of each design.  If you'd like to mix and match, please place order under SPECIAL ORDER and we will contact you via email to find out which sachets you would like with your order.

  • 100%  linen
  • Slip opening in back
  • Washable and refillable
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