What Is Haiti Projects?

What is Haiti Projects?



Our Mission

Haiti Projects is a 501(C)(3) corporation with focused initiatives to empower women of rural Haiti toward self-sufficiency.  We provide access to jobs at fair trade wages, education, health care, and avenues for building sustainable community.  Haiti Projects is located in the town of Fond des Blancs.  We are currently the second largest employer in a region of Haiti where over 60,000 people live with no electricity or public services.


Why in Fond Des Blancs?

Fond des Blancs is located on the southern peninsula in rural Haiti.  The main town is Sainton and has a population of approximately 10,000.  Approximately 80% of people in this region don’t finish 5th grade.  Most rely on subsistence level farming, with high unemployment.  Haitian women are 20% more likely to be illiterate than men, with a male literacy level of about 64% and a female literacy rate of only 57%. In terms of economics, 44% of households are female-headed and of these women, 60% live in extreme poverty.


Haiti Projects

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