The New Maker Library




Haiti Projects Maker Library

What is a Maker Library ?

The Maker Library, once built and equipped, will include a functioning mechanical and electronic fabrication laboratory. This lab creates the space for the community to design and build a range of projects from furniture to computer electronic boards to clothing and jump starts economic opportunities for the region.

This library, designed by Design of the library is by DMS Design and the Builder is Jim Ansara from Build Health International (BHI), will be networked to schools and universities in Haiti (e.g., Ecole Superieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti) and abroad, including the South End Technology Center (SETC) in Boston, Massachusetts, MIT’s Fabrication Labs worldwide network, and other institutions such as NASA.  In order to ensure continuous, self-sustained learning and fabrication activities, this Maker Library will have a permanent high-speed Internet connection access with software to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and peer-mentor worldwide networking.


Haiti Projects

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