At Haiti Projects, we recognize that investment in education provides a return not only to the individual, but also to the larger community. As such, Haiti Projects are in the process of implementing a forward-leaning education vision, one that addresses the needs and concerns of the Fond des Blancs community and makes use of new digital resources that are available.

Our expanded Library and Cultural Community Center, now under construction, will be home to a learning center that will offer classes in practical skills such as basic English, computer use, financial literacy, business management, and health. A growing collection of books in Kreyol, English, and French will populate our new library shelves. In addition, The Library and Cultural Community Center will host a public Internet café, a cyber classroom, children’s Saturday literacy club, book clubs, and spaces for outdoor visiting lectures. These programs will enhance our ability to reach, teach, and inspire thousands of people in the Fond des Blancs region.

Your assistance in this new initiative can help Haiti Projects become a leader in rural education and development. To be part of our learning center initiative, please visit our donate page here. Your support offers hope for families that place great value on education.


Haiti Projects

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