clinic staff

Annette Berette, Nurse Manager
Annette Berette is from the community of Cavillon. She attended École Nationale des Infirmières in the city of O’Cayes to get her nursing license before specializing in midwifery at École Nationale des Infirmières in Port au Prince. Prior to joining Haiti Projects in July 2013, Anette worked for Project Medishare in the Central Plateau. She became a nurse because she wanted to help sick people and share her knowledge about health. The most rewarding aspect about her job is when women come into the clinic experiencing side effects from their new family planning methods but she is able to explain what is happening therefore easing their concerns and allowing the women to continue with their planning.
Fernande Bernadel, Nurse Auxiliary
Fernand Bernadel started working at the clinic in 1997 at which time there wasn’t even a nurse. Previously, she had been an assistant in Fond des Blanc’s first dispensary (small clinic). Fernand has learned everything she knows on the job. She is now responsible for greeting the patients, taking their vital signs, making appointments, and going out on mobile clinics. Fernand is a big advocate for controlling family size and thinks it is essential for Haiti’s development.
Rozana Joseph, Nurse Auxiliary
Rozana Joseph is originally from Tiburon, which is described as the “end of the road” on the Southern peninsula. She went to Louis Pasteur Institute in Port au Prince to become a nurse auxiliary. Her favorite thing about her job is going out on mobile clinics even though the conditions are difficult. They might encounter a bumpy road, strong sun, pouring rain, and dust but she loves when they show up in a community and they find new patients waiting for them.


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