Annual Report

Haiti Projects’ vision is multifaceted and interwoven.  It is not just one project, but a system of five projects that are designed to work together in a holistic way to care for the economic, physical, and social health of our workers and our community in Fond des Blancs, Haiti.  It is not enough to provide jobs, without health care.  Furthermore, jobs and health care must work together to foster the social network of the community.  Together, our five projects, artisanat, family planning clinic, community library, girls’ soccer team and bee keeping projects work together to foster greater economic stability, healthy bodies and educated minds, augmenting the quality of life.

The charts below showcase how we spent your donations and grants from 2011 through 2015 (2016 results will be up soon).  As shown in these charts, over the years Haiti Projects has consistently spent the bulk of our donations, grants and revenues from sales on our programs.  For a more in depth look at 2015, scroll down.  

We are proud of our dedication and commitment to providing higher and higher levels of services to those we serve in rural Haiti. 





Haiti Projects

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