Nearly two decades ago in the remote region of Fond Des Blancs, Haiti Projects established the Artisanat Cooperative to bring the embroidery skills of local women to a global market. Through the Artisan we provide economic opportunity to a rural area in dire need of income and employment. Today, the Artisanat employs nearly 100 women at Fair Trade wages. These talented women produce heirloom-quality, handmade apparel and house and home items. Our items are available for your retail locations and our team is available for private label opportunities and special orders.

Haiti Projects has also embarked on several other important initiatives including a women’s health clinic, a community library and regional learning center with public access to technology, an all girls soccer team and a beekeeping program. To learn more about any of our initiatives or to get involved, email janet@haitiprojects.org

Empower A Woman

Haitian women are 20% more likely to be illiterate than men. Yet, women are more likely to use their income to feed, clothe and educate their family members. By providing women with a job, Haiti Projects provides her with dignity, and a way to change the trajectory of her life and the lives of her family members.

Raise a Family

Our clinic offers the choice and the means to control fertility to rural women that are often destined to bear as many as 12 children that they cannot feed. Our mobile clinics bring reproductive health and nutrition information to 22 additional villages with the aim of covering the whole territory of Fond des Blancs, population 40,000.

Lift a Village

Our library provides access to quality education and resources to the community of Fond des Blancs. We offer literary, cultural, and technical skill building programs that support academic success, job readiness, community development and lifelong learning. We also partner with several schools in the surrounding areas to reach out to remote students.

To support Haiti Projects, please visit SHOP MAISON D’HAITI or visit our DONATE PAGE.
Your purchases and donations help to keep nearly 100 women of our community employed at Fair Trade wages, support our beekeeping and soccer programs, boost self-confidence and help women to become leaders of their community.  The income these women bring in is critical as they are, in many cases, the sole caregivers for their children and a source of strength for their community.