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Jeanne Renee, Director of the Artisana

JEAN RENE LESEAU, Director of the Artisana

Jean Rene was educated in Port-au-Prince in 2000. Since then he received a certificate in Voluntary by the Association for the development and growth of Carrefour (ADEC) in 2002. He then moved on to graduate with a degree in Fine Arts at Ecole National des Arts (ENARTS) in 2004. Once Jean Rene graduated he became a computer operator. After two years Jean Rene decided to go back into the arts and taught drawing and painting at Macedonia Child Development Center from 2006-10. Jean Rene joined Haiti Projects in 2010 and has brought a new outlook for design, and production. He currently lives in Sainton with his wife and two children


CAROLLE POULARD, Artisanat Supervisor

Carolle Poulard has been working with Haiti Projects since 1996 when the artisana was just a group of women embroidering together. Over the years she has taken on many roles from an embroiderer to a sewer. She has worked her way up to Supervisor and is now in charge of overseeing all the other women. Carolle’s favorite part of her job is preparing the boxes of finished products to send to Port au Prince and the United States because she gets to see all the great work the women have completed.

Marie Marthe Saint Joas


Marie-Marthe is an expert sewer as well as one of HP’s managers. She walks about an hour each day to and from work and loves her work with HP, especially sewing the nightgowns. She continues to do her best work, making products for customers who understand quality workmanship and mindful purchases. 

Marie-Marthe has three grown (23, 22 and 19) children of her own and recently adopted her cousin’s 3 1/2 year old daughter because the little girl’s mother died when she was just 5 months old.

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Your purchase and donation helps to keep nearly 100 women of our community employed at Fair Trade wages. The income these women bring in is critical as they are, in many cases, the sole caregivers for their children and a source of strength for their community.